Ruby Degussits

Falcon Ruby Degussit Abrasive Stones, Midget Files and Whetstones


Falcon supplies the following kinds of Ruby Stones: 

· Whetstones
· Abrasive Stones
· Midget Files 

Our Ruby Degussit Abrasive Files are made from a pure, synthetic polycrystalline ruby; no bonding agents are ever used.

Because of their highly-sintered, bond-free, aluminum oxide structure, Falcon stones are the hardest of their kind available. This results in many performance advantages including:

· Great wear resistance
· Outstanding finish
· Excellent profile and edge stability
· Even extremely hard materials are worked economically

The Whetstones, Abrasive Stones and Midget Files are offered in extensive sizes and shapes; there is just the right one for each precision need.

Ruby Stones are ideal hand tools for all kinds of sharpening, deburring, polishing and fine grinding applications. Other uses include:

· Sharpening any kind of tool
· Chamfering cutting tools
· Engraving profiles
· Touching-up
· Grinding 
· Work hardened steel and other hard and abrasive materials (like quartz, glass, and ceramic)

Mold and die makers use these stones in the production of cutting, bending and pressing tools, as well as for sharpening and deburring. Our Midget Files are especially designed for use in the finishing of holes, slots and formed parts.


· Ruby Stone and Files can be used wet or dry.
· When working "wet" Falcon Stoning Oil makes an excellent moisturing agent.\
· These tools are easily kept sharp by rubbing them with another Ruby Stone or File of the same or coarser type. A handlapper could also be used to keep them sharp.