Detail Stones

Choose from Falcon's variety of Detail Polishing Stones!

Ceramic Super Stones 
Used for fine detail polishing of ribs, slots and sidewalls and are extremely strong and thin yet incredibly flexible.

Miniature Ceramic Super Stones 

Excellent stones for EDM removal and are suitable for use on all types of mold and die materials. They are extremely strong for their size and thin to reach tight ribs and slots. They offer the same high performance as the standard Ceramic Super Stone.

Cristone® Crystal Fiber Stones
Manufactured using the highest quality, chemically produced crystal fibers. The crystalline structure of the crystal fibers offers high polishing efficiency and incredible bending strength. Cristones® provide optimal surface finishes are are the perfect stones for detail polishing.

Ceramic Diamond Stones 
Excellent tools for polishing carbide and hardened surfaces allowing you to cut and polishing in all directions. They are excellent for use in ribs, slots, sidewalls and other hard to reach areas. Ceramic Diamond stones are formulated with a combination of ceramic fibers and evenly distributed diamond particles to impart a continuous cutting action.

A coarse, aggressive fiber stone for use on even the hardest tool steels. It is made in the USA from an advanced composite fabricated to provide incredible strength and cutting action. Available in 80 and 120 grit.